This page is dedicated to the younger generation, to give them a venue
to express themselves, to share their story, or to give voice to their concerns. We will soon be posting an article written by one of our Tongan youths.
My family means the world to me just as it does to everyone else.  Growing up I was very blessed to belong to a family of two boys and four girls to our hardworking
and devoted parents Ane Fonise Lo'lohea Langi from Tuanuku, Vavau and Bishop Tevita Langi from Ha'apai, Tonga.  Growing up was tough, but as a loving family we
stuck together through the good times.  One of the toughest trials my family and I
went through was rushing my little brother to the hospital due to sickness of pneumonia and soon enough his kidneys failed to work and other things in his body weren't acting normal, putting him on his death bed.  Right then and there we as a family knew to pray and turn our humbled and loving hearts to my little brother as he goes through this tough time. Spending family time at the hospital with him while praying and receiving many prayers from other people along with the medical treatments day after day soon healed my brother.  After this trial my family began to grow stronger and stronger as a whole with love and many blessings that blesses us today. Two of my siblings got married and one of them made me a proud aunty. Til this day we all come together and talk about the good old days like any other family would do.  My family is increasing but yet made it the center of life's meaning.
We are all individuals linked together by a gold chain of love knowing we can fall back on each other for anything. I personally can say my family has been my lifesaver, even though I depend on them too much, they never fail to come through.  We all have different characters, but we're fireproof when we're together as a family.

By Like Langi - 18 years old
Euless, Texas

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